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Educational Consulting Testimonials:

***Mrs Langley helped me as a mentor far past the classroom. Organizing caring about our scholars while balancing life, Time Management is the biggest tool that she gave me! Putting everything into a system helped keep me energized throughout the year to be a compelling teacher, as well as  newly wed! Thank you!

Lance Sanders- Former 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


***I had the privilege of having Mrs. Tonitia Langley as my mentor during my second year of teaching at Wellcome Middle School, 2018-2019. She was always willing to meet with me to help me with challenges and celebrate successes. Mrs. Langley advised me on numerous topics including, but not limited to, classroom management, balancing the demands of education with personal struggles, building relationships with students, and the importance of data. Mrs. Langley helped me throughout the year with her big heart and determined attitude. She is a big reason why I survived my year as a BT2. Mrs. Langley was a phenomenal educator and mentor and I hope to continue to make her proud. 



Kayla Green-Former 6th Grade ELA Teacher


***Mrs. Langley has provided meaningful mentoring that has made me a more effective educator, but I will never forget when she advised me that the students should be working harder than I am. I used to run around the class answering questions, but ever since I forced my students to do rely more on themselves that on for critical thinking, I have witnessed more intellectual growth from my scholars - and teaching has been much less stressful as well.


Brandon -7th Grade ELA Teacher

Life Coach Testimonials:

***My sister Tonitia Baker Langley has been my life coach for over ten years as a result of her wise experienced advise and coaching I my life has drastically changed I was homeless in and out of prison. I have since acquired my own apartment which I have been in for over six years. I have also rebuilt my credit. She Coaches me on what to do and I followed certain steps that she suggested and I now have good credit. What makes Tonitia a good life coach is her life experience.  This woman raised three children all while working on a Master's degree. She got a degree and a good teaching job. I remember when she was working at Wendy's and living in a small house in the hood. I watched how she overcame all those obstacles that life threw at her and yet, became successful. So, I trusted her to guide me and I still rely on her coaching to get me to the next level.

Rodney Waller

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