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Private, Face to Face, and Virtual Coaching Support:



*Specialized Areas of Support & Resources offered for ALL Level Educators:

(Veterans, Career-Status, Beginning, & “Pre-Service)

a. NCEES (North Carolina Educator Evaluator System)

-Observations (Full, Snapshots, Walk-Throughs)

-Developing in the Standards increase growth by next observation

-Providing support for All types of Action Plans



b. PDP (Professional Development Plans)

-Help with SMART Goals Aligned with the Standards

-Beginning, Middle and End of the Year



c. Facilitative Style Teaching/Implementation Incorporating:

-Blended Learning (Flipped Model)

-Effective Literacy Strategies Embedded across Subject Contents



d. Effective Behavior & Classroom Management Strategies:

-Incorporating MTSS (Multi-Tier Support System) & PBIS

(Customized and aligned with District and/or School Level)


-Whole Class



e. Standardized State Tests

-(EOGs, EOCs, NCFEs, Benchmarks, GED Prep)

-Providing a VARIETY of Effective Learner Coaching Strategies for:

-Proficiency and/or Growth in Scores

- Remediation focus on Differentiation Prep for State Tests


-Small Group

-Whole Group



*Specialized Areas of Support & Resources offered for Families:

-Parental Involvement (Evidence-Based)

-K-12 Students Transitioning back to Public Schools

-5th Grade Students transitioning to Middle School

-6th-12th Students assistance with College and Career Readiness

Private, Face to Face, and Virtual Coaching Support


*Specialized Areas of Support & Guidance offered for:

-Personal and/or Professional Goal Setting

- Financial Literacy with a customized focus on Individual Wellness and Holistic Prosperity

-Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Relationship Coaching

-Strengthening Family Coaching

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