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  • Tonitia Langley


You go through your teaching program eager and ready to start your amazing journey of being a "mind-shaper" capable of breaking generational curses and changing lives in a positive way. After diving head first into your career, or along the journey in your career to feel like what you do doesn't matter or count. In addition, your bank account seems to be in agreement with your thoughts of feeling unappreciated and under compensated for your extremely VALUABLE career in society.

I have 5 BEAUTIFUL G-babies that will need you in their environment in the future....PLEASE CHEER UP AND DON'T LEAVE!!!

This G-MA T is VERY THANKFUL for you and ALL that you do!!!!

I KNOW firsthand all the love and attention you put into your lesson plans as a mind-shaper and switching your MANY hats during the day to make sure those kiddos are well taken care of!!! I am thankful for you taking the time from mind-shaping your own little ones and taking time from your loved ones to make sure the kiddos that you are responsible for...are taken care of.

So, I say again in this simple but meaningful blog to our super-heroes with "mind-shaping" super powers...THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO IN AND OUT OF YOUR CLASSROOMS IN THIS SEASON OF THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

"Enriching Environments and Lives through KNOWLEDGE."

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