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Sitting in my classroom at my desk thinking....


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I remember sitting at my desk in October 2012 during the FIRST year of my teaching career thinking...WHAT AM I DOING HERE? IS TEACHING CHILDREN REALLY MY CALLING? I formed these questions in my mind because my grandiose feelings to go in and build lessons around inquiry and shaping impressionable young minds, was blurred by my administrative duties and paperwork.

I was no longer having fun with my kiddos and I felt DEFEATED professionally!!

However, I remember one of the many nuggets my father Rodney Bright gave me, (Lord have mercy...I MISS him terribly.) "Darling Daughter, do so much in the day, you will complete your tasks, it will get done even if you have to do it...another day."

If you are or have experienced this I will give you some tips to the same NUGGET my Father gave me to ensure that we keep AMAZING teachers in the classroom.


-Jot down and rank your daily chores on a sticky note, etc.

-Rank the chores in the list of importance and essence of the time.

-INTENTIONALLY choose a before or an after-school WORK-DAY and mark it on your calendar on your desk and/or phone.

-MORE IMPORTANTLY, know that in order for you to take care of the kiddos, you have to TAKE CARE of YOURSELF FIRST.

-Attempt really hard to leave the weekend for YOURSELF!!!!!!!

(Worse case scenario, in a really overwhelming week choose either Saturday OR Sunday to work. In doing so, set a specific amount of time to work and use a timer for an ending time to stop.)

These are a FEW of the tips I used to put my LOVE of teaching back into focus!!!!!

"Being Better NOT Bitter"


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