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  • Tonitia Langley

Putting the "SUPER" back into Teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "T the TEACHER Tutor" Tip!!

I know the old saying from being a classroom teacher myself, "There are only 24 hours in a day." I remember me giving the old head nods from being directed from my administrators, instructional leads and meetings of more tasks to add to my list. "Yes I will get that completed and/or to the next 70 FRIGG'N years!"

Excuse the French!!! LOL!!!

But seriously though, I remember on multiple days feeling like the "S" for SUPER had been ripped right off my chest along with my zest and fire for teaching my kiddos!!!

Never fear, " T the TEACHER Tutor" is here. I am here to tell you to take a deep breath, count to 1,000 and do this:

-Evoke positive thoughts from the far depths and remember your WHY. Remembering WHY you chose your career in Education will steer you back to the days during your career when you rocked that "S" on your chest with pride. Putting your 'lens' back into perspective of empowering your students will alleviate feeling overwhelmed.

Although your administrative tasks have to be done...REMEMBER the real reason are the beautiful minds that you are molding and shaping!!!!!!

The students NEED you rocking your SUPER. PERIOD.

Go mold'em and teach'em SUPER TEACHER!!!!!!

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