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Tonitia is a successful educator with 10 years of experience of meeting and EXCEEDING student growth and proficiency on benchmarks, end of year state tests, exams and GED assessments. She IMPACTED student success with learning through a “FACILITATIVE & BLENDED LEARNING STYLE” instructional implementation, design and best practices. In addition, she is a self-proclaimed “life-long” learner on a constant path of self-discovery to obtain peace, health and happiness in order to reach goals and aspirations CONSISTENLY in the hopes to guide and teach goal-setting to others in order to transform and improve their individual wellness. 

Tonitia the trained educator is certified as a K-12 Curriculum and Instructional Specialist, K-12 Reading (Literacy Strategist), & K-6 Elementary Education. She is experienced and has contributed to the world of education by fostering the growth and professions of others by being a Mentor Teacher(for Novice/Beginning Teachers), University “Pre-Service” Practicum Teacher, AVID Teacher(College and Career Readiness Skills), Transitional Studies Instructor(GED Community College Systems) and bringing families together as a Parenting Facilitator through an evidence-based “Incredible Years” program.

As a STRATEGIST, my aspirations and main GOALS are to provide platinum Educational Consulting and Life Coach services to my clients.  The En-RICH-ME-nt experience aims to guide you to a healthy, positive personal and/or professional journey of GROWTH!!!! 

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